Amazing Children

I work crazy hours at times. Nights, weekends, etc. Every now and then I’ll break-away at odd hours to play Monster with them (I basically just slowly chase them around, growling like a zombie), or discuss their favorite video games. These little breaks mean a lot to me.

Sometimes my kids do little things to amaze me. I’ll share something that happened no more than an hour ago.

We just got back from having some dinner, and letting the kids run around to burn off some steam. They ran, then ate, then ran some more. It gets them ready for bed, and gives the grown-ups some time to sit back and relax. It’s really quite nice for everybody.

Once we got home, I jetted straight for the office (as I’m prone to do). The kids began putting on their pajamas, and readying themselves for bed.

As I was studying something on the screen, my son came in with a piece of paper; a sticker. He stuck it to my back, and before I could object, he was already penning something atop the sticker.

“What are you doing, buddy?” I asked. “Writing something for you,” he replied.

Once he was done, I reached over my shoulder and peeled the sticker off to read what he had written:

“My daddy is the greatest. He works hard, and he loves me.”

How. Freaking. Adorable. My children are amazing.

My daughter then promptly scribbled over everything her brother had written. But she made up for it with the greatest hug ever.

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