Free Web-Development Course

I have recently started offering a free web-development course both in person and online. The title of this meetup is “Home-Brew Web Development” and it takes place every Thursday evening at 7:30pm Easter Standard Time (unless otherwise stated). Each meetup is streamed live online at, and archived on YouTube immediately afterwards.

We will start by learning HTML, followed by CSS. Eventually we will get into more advanced topics but I plan to keep it simple for now. This course is intended for those who have zero (or very little) experience in web-development, but are interested in it as a hobby, or a career-opportunity.

If you would like to receive regular updates regarding this course, future meetings, and more, you may subscribe to the newsletter via the link below. If at anytime you wish to stop receiving emails and stop attending the meetup, you’re totally free to go – it’s your call 🙂


6 thoughts on “Free Web-Development Course”

    1. Greg, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I appear to have forgotten to add the http protocol to the URL. It should be fixed now.

      1. Dear Mr. Sampson:

        I’m a registrant for the course but I’m from NJ. Could you tell me if the courses will indeed be streamed and where they will be available.


        1. Hey Bill,

          We’re planning on streaming these over Google’s Hangout feature – it will play in real-time over a YouTube channel.

          Those details are still being ironed out and I will be emailing everybody here shortly with a plan moving forward.



  1. How do we access older broadcasts? I haven’t been able to find them on YouTube, and I am behind a couple.

    1. Hello Charles. These are all being saved to a YouTube Playlist. I’ve updated the blog post above to include a link to this playlist.

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