HTML Hangout Concludes after 16 Hours

For months I have been doing a weekly HTML Hangout where I work, slowly, through the W3C Specification for HTML5. I’m pleased to say that after 15 videos, and 16 hours, we’ve gotten to the point where we can progress on to bigger and better things.

HTML is now taken care of, and we will now move on to making this a weekly CSS Hangout. If you’d like to watch the HTML5 lessons, you can do so by viewing this playlist of YouTube:

If you’d like to join us in the future, simply show up to on Thursdays at 7:30PM Eastern. Broadcast usually starts about 10 minutes early, and we open up the last 10-15 minutes for questions and answers.

One thought on “HTML Hangout Concludes after 16 Hours”

  1. Congrats. I’m usually in transit while these are going on (my bus leaves for the long slog home at 7:20 Eastern). But I plan to check out one from the archives this weekend.

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