Sometimes jQuery is (not) the Answer

It’s difficult to say, as much as I love jQuery I must admit that it is at times the wrong route to take when addressing a problem.

While looking over a few questions on StackOverflow today I came across a poster who was seeking to modify the width of all nested elements within a container – he naturally thought jQuery would be a good, simple solution – and it is. But while it may be simple, it’s wrong in this case.

Rather than coming right out and answering with something like:


I instead took just a moment to whip up a test case on (great site for testing the performance advantages of one method over others.) Just as I had suspected, jQuery would be slower than raw JavaScript – much, much slower.

var i,
    container = document.getElementById("container"),
    tags = container.getElementsByTagName("*"),
    total = tags.length;

for ( i = 0; i < total; i++ ) {
  tags[i].style.width = '100%';

This simple block does the same thing as the aforementioned jQuery code, but it’s much faster. In fact, in the time it takes the jQuery code to perform 20k operations, the raw JavaScript code performs nearly 300k!

You can see this particular performance test online at

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