CSS3 Marquees

I came across an old question on Stack Overflow that I answered years ago. It was asking how to scroll text, vertically, in a marquee-like fashion. At the time, I had answered that you would need to use Flash, or JavaScript/jQuery. I thought to myself, you would most certainly need to animate the top value of a positioned element, or maybe increase a negative margin or something.

Well, we live in a very different world today. And today, we have access to @keyframes, animation, and so much more in modern browsers. This got me wondering what type of simple marquee I could whip up in an instant (wound up playing with this for a little over an hour). What I came up with is posted below.

Take some time to read through the¬†embedded¬†comments, and play with the code. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments below and I’ll assist as I am able.