Jeff Atwood on The Pipeline

Like many people, I listen to podcasts most of the time I’m writing code. Unfortunately, most of these podcasts don’t have large financial backing and so at times they will dwindle up and die whilst others are sprouting up to take their place – keeps you on your feet.

Such was the case with one of my favorite podcasts, the StackOverflow Podcast, which nearly reached 90 episodes before shriveling up and dying in April of 2010 (tentatively speaking…could just be on a very long hiatus!). Fortunately, Jeff Atwood (from Coding Horror) still makes his rounds onto other podcasts.

One of Atwood’s latest interviews took place on 5by5‘s show The Pipeline. Head over and listen to the discussion about Jeff’s beginnings up to his present fame with the programmer’s paradise¬†StackOverflow. For convenience, I’ve also placed the audio below.


“Jeff Atwood talks with Dan Benjamin about starting a business, running projects, software development, StackOverflow, and more.”