“Windows 8 is too hard to turn off”

Did you know the Windows 8 operating system is too hard to shut down? In fact, it’s a “pain-in-the-rump,” according to┬áSteven J. Vaughan-Nichols of ZDNet.com.

I must be honest – when I read those words I just thought to myself, this guy cannot be serious. The gentleman is a technically-savvy author, writing for ZDNet, coming from a background that is replete with relevant experience, and he thinks Windows 8 is too hard to shut down?

In Windows 8, the shutdown button is literally one click from the desktop, or one simple command: WinKey+I. As a Linux user, I would expect Steven to appreciate the brevity of keyboard shortcuts, but in his defense he may not have even known about this shortcut. The other method is simply to navigate to the top-right of your primary screen to reveal the charms, then click the “Settings” icon. (See: Getting around in Windows 8)

While I completely dismiss Steven’s worries about Windows 8 (having used it myself as my primary OS since the developer preview), I do admit that his tone and message could have come across a lot worse. In the end, I think Steven’s article is just a Linux user upset that Windows 8 isn’t Linux – and I don’t mean that in some snarky disrespectful way. We all have our likes and dislikes; he likes Linux, I like usability (okay, that was a bit snarky, hehe).

While I had to fight back the urge to jam pencils into my eye-sockets reading his complaint, I just remind myself, it could have been a lot worse.