Of Dice, Dabblet, and CSS

I discovered dabblet.com some time back and never really spent much time there. Don’t get me wrong, it made a great first impression, however I am not super-talented in the CSS department, and it seems to be a tool for those who are.

I decided to return this evening and try my hand at creating some dice with nothing but CSS. I recently became a Potentate of the Rose, so this was a relevant and timely interest. After a couple hours of distracted back-and-forth, I finally had something pretty attractive.

While I don’t consider myself much of a CSS power-house, dabblet.com made the tedious process of building these die super-fun and very palatable. If you find yourself giving dabblet a run (and I suggest you do it), be sure to thank @leaverou for all of her hard work on such an awesome tool.

The final result can be seen here, or in the framed demo below.