The Adventures of Fart Arthur!

Bedtime is a fun time in our household. Our family usually reads together, prays together, and then my wife and I proceed to lay the children down for the evening. Tonight, as I was putting my son and daughter to bed, they asked for a story.

I’m always telling stories. I’ve run out of stories to share, so I typically have to make them up on the spot. I often find myself to be as much an audience as my children to the ad-hoc nonsense I conjure up.

Tonight was the story of Fart Arthur, a young man with a terrible problem. You can probably guess what ails him 😂. The bigger story here was about knowing your “weaknesses,” and even finding strength in them.

Fart Arthur discovered his super power after getting lost in the nearby woods, and finding his own pungent odor to be a reliable path back to safety.  His super-scent also aggressively informed bystanders that he was in the area―likely doing something very heroic.

We spent a good 20 minutes laughing together, making sound effects, exploring the depths of our own (crude) imaginations, and taking turns with the story. I’m thankful for these moments, however obnoxious they may be.

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